Saturday Nov 5th 9 to 11am for our Community Clean Up for Water Quality
Bring your rake & gloves and meet Sat Nov 5 at 9 am for Pancakes at Joe & Bonnie’s House 3519 23rd AVE S, Mpls, MN 55407
Let’s Keep our Creek, River and Lake Hiawatha Clean

OUR Neighborhood Storm Drains flow into Lake Hiawatha–including Trash, leaves

  • Leaves & organic debris from streets & sidewalks can flow through storm sewers into lakes &streams
  • The leaves & other material contain phosphorus, nitrogen & soil are significant pollutants.
  • These nutrients, especially phosphorus, contribute to excessive algae growth that rob needed oxygen.

Together we can make a difference!
1. Rake & Bag Leaves off your Street & Storm Drain before it rains report the number of bags you collect at

2. Adopt your storm drain year round

3. Keep a healthy lawn–mow high, sweep sidewalks clean, don’t over water
4. Use your run off–redirect down spouts, rain gardens, rain barrels

5. Reduce chemicals-reduce salt use& fertilizers, Buy plants with no neonics.
Corcoran GROWS: Grassroots Opens Ways to Sustainability Building supportive relationships & community self-reliance in the face of climate change.One of our focus areasthis fall and spring supportingaction for clean water.

With support from the Alliance for Sustainability and
Hennepin County Green Partners

Learn how to become a
Master Water Steward