Gov. Mark Dayton is asking Minnesotans to take a Water Stewardship Pledge, and to rethink how water affects their daily lives and how they use it as part of his Year of Water Action.

Here are five simple actions you can take at home and on your block to protect our lakes and streams. Please join us in taking our 3 minute Clean Water Pledge  and receive free compostable leaf bags.

Through our partnership with the Fresh Water Society we are linking volunteer Master Water Stewards with cities, neighborhoods & congregations to help with their water quality projects. With support from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed and a Hennepin County Green Partners Grant will provide free compostable leaf bags for the first 50 block clubs or groups that sign up above to do a Community Clean Up for Water Quality this fall.

Here are the 5 simple actions

1. Adopt my Curb/Street – I will rake & bag, mulch or compost the leaves from my Street (before it rains or snows) this fall – to prevent run off from leaves from polluting nearby creeks or lakes. You can do this on your own and/or with neighbors – we will give you free  compostable leaf bags for your clean up if you like and ask you to report your # of volunteers and # of bags of leaves you collected.

2. Adopt my storm drain – I will regularly clean out sticks, leaves and trash from my nearest Storm Drain. Minneapolis residents can sign up now, other cities will be able to sign volunteers up next spring.

3 – Keep a healthy lawn – Mow at 3 inches, for deeper roots to soak in rain, keep grass clippings off hard surfaces

4 – Use my run off – soak in more water where it lands with native plants, a rain garden, a rain barrel or by directing downspouts to my lawn or garden.

5 – Reduce winter salt use, and invite snow removal contractors (home or business) to be trained & certified for smart salting. Here are the fall workshops!



Governor Dayton’s Minnesota Water Ethic Pledge  asks Minnesotans to

– rethink how water impacts daily life and future generations, to

– use water efficiently and wisely,

– learn more about how they can help protect and preserve water,

– make informed consumer choices, and

– talk to each other about water issues.

Dayton has made improving water quality a major priority in his second term, focusing on increased public involvement and spending on water projects.  Minnesotans can take the pledge at  online on the governor’s website.