Metro Resilient Cities Energy Conversation

Thursday January 18

11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., including lunch at the

McKnight Foundation Offices (Board Room)

OR ZOOM Phone/ Video Conference

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

  • Or Telephone: Dial US: +1 646 558 8656 or +1 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 110 405 776

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Participants  Jan18CityEnergyConversationParticipants


Our Focus Question – “How can our metro cities strengthen our work to be successful together in achieving our city and state-wide carbon and energy goals while making our cities more resilient?”

For three hours we will explore together ways Metro cities can expand their collaboration to

  • expedite shared-learning between cities on what works
  • enable successful projects to “go to scale” metro wide, and
  • expand the combined influence of cities to achieve policy innovations that help their efforts


Event Sponsor – This conversation is made possible through generous support from the McKnight Foundation for the Alliance for Sustainability to re-convene city leaders to build upon conversations among city leaders at our Resilient Cities Workshops over the past 2 years



11:30 a.m.        Arrive and Get your Lunch at the Buffet (courtesy of the French Meadow!)

11:40 a.m.        Welcome (Brendon Slotterback, McKnight Foundation)

Overview – Sean Gosiewski, Alliance for Sustainability)

11:45 a.m.        Introductions/City Updates (City teams will stand up & introduce themselves)

City Updates – One representative from each city will give a 3 to 4-minute high-level update on current and future goals, planning efforts, projects and policies along with challenges and needs (related to energy supply, buildings, transportation, resilience)

1:00 p.m.   Break

1:05 p.m.   Topic Team Small Groups Instructionschoose a reporter and a note taker (everyone can fill out post it notes too) For each topic area answer

  • What do leading metro cities hope to achieve related to this topic?
  • Current opportunities and challenges for metro cities for this topic (including wider trends impacting cities) and opportunities/challenges to advance equity?
  • High impact projects or policies leading metro cities are launching. Ways to help these initiatives “go to scale” metro wide?
  • Current resources & networks cities are using while they address this topic?
  • Additional needed resources, or gaps to fill, so metro cities can succeed together when they work to achieve their goals related to this topic?
  • List any current or proposed policies that would help or hinder MN cities’ making progress on this topic (Federal, State, MN PUC, regional, county)

Topic Team Optionschoose one you can add to or want to learn about or add a new topic

  • Efficient Buildings (demand side) new construction, energy retrofits, benchmarking, demand response, etc. (city buildings, commercial, residential)
  • Energy Supply (supply side) accessing renewable energy, PV solar, storage, district energy, thermal energy, grid modernization, grid modernization, reliability, etc.
  • Transportation/ Land Use – Current and future needs, TOD, transit, electric vehicles, bike/ped, shared-mobility, FAVES, electrification of transportation, VW settlement, etc.
  • Resilience/ Adaptation/Health/Equity – infrastructure, people, natural systems, emergency preparedness, health, broader resilience themes, etc.
  • Green Economic Development/ Equity – encouraging business investments in efficiency, solar, etc., local job creation, workforce development, expanding access, etc.
  • Generating public, City Council & staff support for energy/resilience goals, initiatives
  • Generating new/needed Resources – Opportunities and challenges to secure needed resources (i.e. funding, staffing, expertise, implementation partners, indicator data)
  • Additional topics? – (optional)

1:40 p.m.    Topic Team Reports and Large Group Conversation

  • What are the biggest, opportunities, high level goals, resources, challenges, gaps?
  • Anything missing (write on post it notes and send up)
  • Relevant state policy opportunities or challenges
  • Specific topic for a follow up conversation

2:10 p.m.   Wrap up Discussion – Large Group Conversation – review, brainstorm, discuss

  • Priority Topics participants hope to further explore (dot voting)
  • Possible ways to add to or supplement existing resources/networks – LMC, GreenStep Cities, Regional Indicators, etc.?
  • Opportunities/ideas to expand sharing of best practices, high impact projects?
  • Possible next steps – working with LMC on state policy opportunities/challenges?
  • Was this conversation valuable?
  • If/when to meet up again (with additional interested cities) at the League of MN Cities?
  • Who can participate in the next 1hr conference call to plan the next meeting?