Thanks for volunteering to support your city or township to explore including  or Energy and Resilience goals and strategies in your city’s comprehensive plan update in 2017.

We are planning gatherings for March and April 2017 for city staff, commission and citizen volunteers and local elected leaders to meet with other cities in their county to learn from cities that have already developed draft goals and strategies related to energy, health and resilience.

To help us get a sense of what your themes your city is working on and what resources they are seeking thanks for having  short short conversations with your city planner, planning commission chair and/or an interested city council member.

And share with us what you learn here using this online survey form
1. When is our city working on our comprehensive plan update? Timeline for forming a comp plan committee, hiring consultants, gathering community input, writing the plan?

2. Community input gathering – thoughts on when and how?

3. Important themes or topics emerging so far that our city wants to address in the comp plan update?

4. Is our city looking into including the new resilience themes?  – energy and adaptation

5. Resources you are looking for?

Read more about our Resilient Cities Cluster Gatherings we are planning for the Spring of 2017 at