Model Local Sustainable Food Systems – We are the fiscal agent for the


Anishinaabe Agricultural Institute – with Winona LaDuke and her heritage farm – focusing on restoring local food systems, traditional heritage varieties, post petroleum agriculture and restorative ecological and agricultural systems. This will include research and education work, from youth to those in advanced educational institutions.

and the


Community Table Cooperative – growing local, organic and just food

Would you like to help African-American, Latino, Hmong and immigrant farmers turn food deserts into a model healthy, local and sustainable food systems?

Please join the Alliance for Sustainability and Community Table Cooperative in making that dream a reality through our Growing Local Organic and Just Food crowdfunding campaign.

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Please join us in supporting these farmers in being successful with an expanded growing year and increased incomes by having quick access to zero-interest micro loans, essential planning, food distribution and guaranteed markets. They will be able to create strong producer and distributor coops and further increase their income by becoming certified as organic. At the same time, Community Table Cooperative will help assure that their produce goes to ten corner stores in urban food deserts, thereby providing badly-needed, affordable, healthy and nutritious food.

This project is designed to be a model for creating a local, sustainable food system.  and

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Women’s Environmental Institute
The Women’s Environmental Institute (WEI) is an environmental research, renewal and retreat center designed to create and share knowledge relevant to women, children and identified communities affected by environmental injustice; to promote agricultural justice, organic and sustainable agriculture and ecological awareness; and to support activism that influences public policy and promotes social change. Our mission brings together agricultural, food and environmental justice, one community at a time; one farm at a time, one person at a time and all of us together.

Main Street Project
Main Street Project is developing an alternative food system to reverse the destructive trends of industrial agriculture. With a solid foundation of ecological, economic, and social principles, we ensure that our farms and the regional economies that grow around them serve the entire community. We know that for this model to take root, it must:

  • Compete in the market on quality and price
  • Be accessible to new and established farmers
  • Harness market forces to increase capacity and resilience

Developing a poultry-centered regenerative agriculture system that can change how food is produced around the world.