Litter Be Gone is a series of events to clean up litter across Minneapolis each fall.
When – Thursday, October 1 to Saturday, October 10, 2020
How – Pledge
to pick up litter in your neighborhood — join a team or collect litter on your own.


  1. Pledge to help clean up this fall. Sign up to receive reminders and we will send you details on how to participate as the event gets closer.
  2. Choose your day. Pick up litter anytime during Litter Be Gone, October 1–10, 2020.
  3. Get supplies. Use your own gloves and bags, or pick up free supplies at one of our supply hub locations on Saturday, October 3.
    • Free gloves, bags, and a limited number of litter grabbers will be available for volunteers who stop by a supply hub and register. Free drink coupons will also be handed out. Limit one coupon per volunteer.
    • Picking up for a group? Just tell us how many volunteers you are expecting and we’ll make sure you have enough supplies. (See note below for groups of 25 people or more.)
  4. Be safe. Follow these Safety Tips to protect yourself from hazardous materials and traffic when picking up litter.
  5. Use two bags. Collect recyclable metal cans, glass and plastic bottles in one bag. Collect everything else (plastic straws and lids, styrofoam, paper cups, wrappers, etc.) in a second trash bag.
  6. Dispose of litter properly. Empty the recyclables into your blue recycling cart (do not put plastic bags in the recycling cart). Dispose of the trash bag into your garbage cart.
  7. Share Your Results here! Report the total number of volunteers, bags of litter collected, and blocks cleaned, and see the community-wide impact.
  8. Inspire others to do the same. Share photos or videos of your cleanup activities on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag @LitterBeGoneMN #cleanMpls


  • Please email before October 1 to ensure that we will have enough supplies available at your chosen supply hub.
  • On the day of your cleanup, instruct your volunteers to collect littered trash and recyclable items in separate bags. (Use yellow bags for garbage and clear/white bags for recyclables).
  • To dispose of a large number of bags, we suggest coordinating (in advance) with a local business or park to use their waste containers. Be sure to unbag recyclables and place loosely in the recycling cart (do not put plastic bags in the recycling cart).



Litter Be Gone is a series of fall events hosted by residents, neighborhoods and other organizations to clean up litter from Minneapolis neighborhood streets and boulevards before it becomes covered by leaves and snow, and to prevent it from ending up in our storm drains and waterways. This annual campaign starts the first Thursday in October and runs through the second Saturday in October.

The Litter Be Gone campaign aims to:

  • Increase awareness of litter and the problems it creates
  • Clean litter from our streets before it becomes covered by leaves and snow and ends up in storm drains
  • Grow the number of active volunteers in our neighborhoods – building a caring community and
    a sense of pride

Litter Be Gone events are supported by the Alliance for Sustainability, the City of Minneapolis, and other partners as part of the Clean City Initiative. For more information, contact Sean Gosiewski, Executive Director, Alliance for Sustainability at

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