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Tax Deductible Information
The Alliance for Sustainability is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.
Our Tax ID Number is 41-1451709.
Contact us for our current state and federal certifications and our most recent form 990.

Alliance for Sustainability, in the GreenWay Building, 2801 21st Ave S. Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55407


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Watch our Video on our work empowering 40 volunteer teams supporting their cities to take climate action.


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Your gift will help us launch our new

Resilient Cities  & Communities Coalition 

with elected leaders, city staff and commission volunteers from 50 cities state-wide collaborating to achieve (and live) a resilient future by (1) Innovating Solutions, (2) Collaborating for Impact, (3) Engaging Community Stakeholders, (4) Shaping Public Policy and by (5) Modeling Resilience
Water Stewards
We matched trained volunteer Master Water Stewards with congregations, neighborhoods, lake groups, schools and Environmental Commissions to help them plant rain gardens to protect our lakes and creeks in partnership with the Fresh Water Society.
Engaging Congregations in Sustainability
We support volunteer teams in congregations to through our lively networking events for volunteers to share their successful solar, rain garden, community garden and energy efficiency projects in eight clusters of congregations.
Model Local Sustainable Food Systems
Through the Community Table Cooperative we support African-American, Latino, Hmong, immigrant and other farmers to increase sales by forming co-ops to supply affordable, healthy food to corner stores.